Achilles- the Global Service Network of Industry Communities

With increasing global trade and networks, it is hard nowadays to be guaranteed that the suppliers you find are going to be trustworthy with the services that they provide, especially if they don’t supply them in the same state or country that you are in. Have you ever had an experience with your supplier which in the beginning was seemingly satisfactory, only to find out during the project that they are not properly verified in certain areas?

This may have halted your project temporarily or even permanently – dramatically increasing the financial risk for your company. Perhaps you would have been more assured that at least some risk would be reduced in choosing a supplier if they have already gone through rigorous testing via an established supply chain network?

Buyers in the Oil and Gas sector take comfort in being able to seek and select potential suppliers without the need for complex prequalification processes which take time and money. Achilles take the responsibility of gathering and verifying information such as financial viability, health and safety, legal thereby allowing all Achilles registered buyers to access this information at a single access point.

Cadgile is a registered & pre-qualified supplier with Achilles, and has renewed its involvement for 2015 so as to make it easier for their buyers.

For any Oil & Gas CAD Query, large or small, call 1300 890 054. Know that you will be supplied with the best.

November 7, 2014Achilles