Cadgile finishes 10th financial year with its best year on record yet!

The 2013/14 financial year has seen Cadgile record a brilliant result, recovering strongly from tough market conditions in a difficult first half of 2013, to now recording strong revenue and profit growth to finish off the year on a great note. The strength of its multi-disciplined team and its strong management vision are just a couple of the reasons why Cadgile has seen its best year on record yet.
Some of the past year’s highlights were the strengthening of relationships with some of its key customers, resulting in major contracts such as BHP Billiton Wash Tank and Slag Launder projects.

Not only this, but Cadgile has recently invested in a 10 PC upgrade of the latest HP Workstations, enabling its drafters to use the state of the art technology onsite as well as when they take the CAD stations offsite on secondment.

“This is a great result, ” said MD, Gary McRae, “Especially after such tough market conditions last year.”

Cadgile is looking forward to working with its existing and new clients in the year ahead.

July 17, 2014