Cadgile Updates its Website!

Cadgile has recently updated the functionality of its website by updating it to a more user friendly interface, so that it is easier to change and be reflective of its customers needs and client industries.  This overhaul of the ‘backend’ or administrative side of the website comes after Cadgile has seen many fast pace changes across industries and wanted its website to reflect this in a short space of time. Previously, changes made to the website were done offsite and would have taken up to a week or more. This is too slow for the fast moving pace of some of Cadgile’s industries! Thus the website is now managed onsite.

Throughout the changing business conditions which Cadgile often sees, flexibility is key. The current leading SA CAD drafting company not only desires to be at the front of the CAD Drafting services it delivers to its clients, but also wants to be able to easily update its website to  reflect changes in the market, thus being on the pulse of the industries it services.

Check out the updated website now at

October 10, 2014laptop-computers-1446068-m