Cadgile’s ‘Point Cloud’ Software Capability Reduces Costly Manual Surveys

Now with new technology Point Cloud, leading CAD Company Cadgile has the capability to undertake large and complex projects that surveyors are unable to do without the need of a huge cost of an extensive manual survey.

Do you have a project that requires more than just a few data points suitable for a surveyor? Have you asked whether there is a more cost-effective way to surveying a large area with numerous points and complicated data? But do you also worry that by using CAD designers instead, they would just assume the measurements but do not have a full understanding? For projects that are more complex, software such as Point Cloud has made it possible to laser scan millions of points, scanning a point every 5-10mm. For example, with this software, all of the pipework and steelwork can be captured, which is advantageous if you need to change direction if you are building a new spool.

Cadgile is on the leading edge of the CAD industry, providing not only drawings but a whole range of services on and off-site to their clients, and Point Cloud is the latest. Our designers are able to get a full picture which can then be converted to CAD programs such as MicroStation. Therefore we can give you the guarantee that we design with confidence and that we have an accurate picture of your project and that no assumptions are made.

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January 23, 2015