Flexibility is Key

A recent customers experience is good example of how the flexibility within Cadgile’s service delivery model is key to helping its clients achieve great things.  The local startup company was successful in winning a number of contracts, and naturally delighted.  The downside they all needed to start at once so the client needed to ramp up resourcing fast.

Cadgile was able to act as its virtual CAD office, starting the design drafting tasks in the Cadgile premises taking the load off the office space for the client.  Regular visits by the project lead kept the project progressing smoothly.

Then another project needed a Revit modeler on their premises sitting side by side with their engineers to reduce the communication time within the design team.  The Cadgile drafter was onsite the very next day, PC and software in hand.

Then it became apparent they needed to recruit another full time Project engineer.  So Cadgile’s Recruitment group swung into action.  So Cadgile was a truly one stop shop providing outsourcing, contracting, and recruitment all under the one roof.

So whatever our clients need, at whatever stage of the project, Cadgile provides a one stop shop for CAD and Engineering services