From Concept to Manufacture

Do you have an idea for a project but don’t know where to start?
Not sure who could do the design and see it through to manufacture?If you are looking to get a part prototyped or custom made such as a part made for a work project or even a major multi-component assembly – you may not be sure how it will be developed if you have no design resource. You may also like to get it done at high quality and not some substandard job done overseas.Cadgile has years of experience helping companies with their 3D concepts and production projects, and can help with your product development requirements at an affordable price. Most importantly, Cadgile provides 3D drawings that can be used for machine visualisation, engineering analysis and manufacture.

A good example of this is a recent project for the design of a custom show car rim which included 3D Laser scanning, 3D Modelling and Manufacture.

The client wanted a wheel designed to copy the inner look of the factory front wheel, but on a much wider 10” rim. The original rim was first 3D laser scanned to produce a three dimensional “point cloud” accurate to 0.1mm. This point cloud data was then manipulated by one of Cadgile’s designers to extract the central section of the wheel. The wider outer rim was then 3D modelled, and the centre data grafted onto the new rim. This 3D CAD data was then sent directly to a major Australian custom wheel manufacturer to enable the wheels to be machined from solid billet.

If you have a work project that is in need of concepting to help with its manufacture, call us! On 1300 890 054.

November 21, 2014

Car Rim