More Defence Companies Using Cadgile’s Services

Following on from the formal 2-year service agreement signed last month with one of Australia’s leading defence and maritime organisations, Cadgile has signed terms with a further three defence companies.  These companies recognize the benefits of using Cadgile’s horizontally-integrated CAD and Engineering Services delivery model.

As the Defence sector ramps up, many clients are looking to increase their CAD and engineering capacity with defence-ready, defence-capable staff.   This capacity increase can be achieved by traditional recruitment of permanent staff; by using short-term highly skilled seconded employees; by regular sub-contracting; or outsourcing small to medium projects to the Cadgile office.

As a full end-to-end supplier of CAD and engineering services, Cadgile offers a proven, low risk, delivery model.   They provide recruitment services, supply staff on site, and execute small to medium projects in-house at the Cadgile office.

For more information visit or contact Cadgile on 1300 890 054.