Outsource the Mundane

A leading SA based Oil & Gas company had a large backlog of redline updates to its P&ID’s.  This was creating headaches as they were starting to have to make redline updates to updates.  This was causing problems in the field to their operators, and was a potentially unsafe situation.

Rather than tie up their valuable internal CAD resources, Cadgile worked with them to create a tailored and streamlined process for providing a fixed price quote and guaranteed turnaround time to work through the back log.

The drawings are sorted into work packs, typically around 50.  The required changes are then quickly graded as A, B or C.  And based on the grading, a pre agreed time/cost is allocated to each drawing, and hence the entire pack.  In this example a category “A” drawing is allocated 22 minutes; a category “B” is allocated 102 minutes; and category “C” are individually quoted.  Of course all the times include full QA checking.

The mark ups are then sent through to Cadgile via a secure FTP server. On receiving the drawings Cadgile then quickly confirm the grading’s, any adjustments are agreed, and an order is raised and the work started.

A 10 working day turnaround time was settled on to keep the flow of work moving, and time for the client to prepare the next pack to be worked on. Using this method most of the backlog has been cleared, and with a minimum of effort by the client.

If you have a similar backlog of work, consider outsourcing, we would be happy to tailor a work flow or system to suit your needs.

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