Outsourcing CAN Work

Recent times have seen the prices for resources such as Oil & Iron Ore plummet. Resources companies are now having to make tough decisions to cut costs. This invariably shines the spotlight on staff like the drafting team.

In the back of every Engineering Manager’s mind are the worries about being unable to retain their drafting staff due to the cost, but also what they will do in the near future when projects do come in and the drawings need to be done? There is even more pressure on Engineering Managers to present a solution to management that is more than just letting staff go.

One option is to use an offshore drafting company – however all too often there is too much risk involved as issues such as poor quality, communication and lack of a local contact cause the cost and frustration to build up over time. The preference for a local CAD Drafting agency is high, however, larger engineering consultancies charge high rates for drafting to cover their design overhead.

So who can you go to when you need basic Redline mark ups to be done but can’t afford it to cost the earth, nor want to send it overseas due to the potential for poor quality?

Consider Cadgile as a local, cost-effective solution that can put your mind at ease for your Adhoc drafting needs. Cadgile provides outsourced high quality drawings for a lower price than consulting firms with ECP. As an example, for Redline mark ups our plain drafting rate is up to 50-60% less! Furthermore, communication is of the highest standard. A recent survey showed 98.8% of the 91 clients surveyed believed Cadgile’s standard of communication was extremely high.

Yes, outsourcing CAN work. Contact Cadgile to assist with your change in structure needs. Call us today on 1300 890 054

January 30, 2015