The Survey Results are In!

Cadgile has just closed off its recent Client Satisfaction Survey, and the response was overwhelming, with just shy of 100 detailed responses received.

We were particularly happy to see how many valued clients took the time to respond with actual specifics and examples. Over the coming weeks Cadgile will release more details of the survey, but a brief summary is below;

– Of the nearly 100 replies over half use Cadgile as their Preferred CAD Supplier
– 98% of clients are Satisfied or better with our service
– 97% of clients rated our technical knowledge Good or Excellent.
– 98% on the extremely important aspect of Quality rated Good or Excellent
– 99% rated us as Acceptable or Easy to communicate with
– 93% rated us Good or Excellent for Delivery Times
We would like to sincerely thank those that took the time to respond. We take them all very seriously, and we have already started working through all of the results. A lot of great comments were made, overwhelmingly positive, with some that may need us to delve a little deeper to see how we can address any of the issues raised, which will help us improve our services to you.

July 17, 2014